Get Paid Faster with Online BillPay

You’ve mastered scheduling pest control services and completing the job, but how soon after are you getting paid for the services you provided? Odds are, your technicians don’t always collect payment on-site after a service has been completed and some customers are uncomfortable with automatic ACH withdrawals from their bank accounts. Even if you don’t get paid on-site, your technicians are either leaving behind an invoice or your customers are receiving an invoice shortly after service has been completed via email - leaving it up to them as to how and when you get paid.

If we had to guess, it’s not your customers top priority to call you or mail you a check after service has been completed. You probably go weeks, if not months waiting to receive a payment from some customers.

As consumer demographics and behaviors are changing, payment preferences are shifting as well. While 40% of seniors still pay their bills by mail, only 8% of millennials use checks to pay bills.

In order to get paid faster, you have to move with the times and provide the options made available by your competitors. Giving your customers the option to pay their bills online 24/7 through an online portal will not only improve your customers’ experience, but get you paid faster than before!

Choosing a secure solution that integrates with your pest control software will ensure your customers’ information is kept safe, the payment information displayed in the customer portal is correct, and receipt of payment is stored in one place.

Are you ready to get paid faster by offering your customers an online portal they can access from a phone, tablet, or computer? Click here to contact PestPac about their secure customer portal options.

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