5 Ways to Win More Customers with Technology

Pest control is a competitive market. Chances are, you spend a lot of money to ensure that potential customers think of your business first when they need service. Once a prospect finds you, the pressure is on to close the deal before they move on to the next company. Technology can make all the difference in this lead-to-revenue process, helping you increase efficiency, reduce mistakes, and maximize the ROI of your marketing dollars. Here are five of the ways a lead management system, sometimes referred to as a CRM, can help you turn more leads into customers.

  1. Automatically Assign Leads to Salespeople
  2. In the service business when a potential customer calls or fills out a form on your website, odds are they want help NOW. The faster you respond, the more likely it is that they will choose your company over the competition. Having a system in place that automatically assigns and notifies a salesperson (based on whatever criteria you define) removes any uncertainty over who is responsible to get in touch with the prospect.

  3. Reinforce (or Create) a Repeatable Sales Process
  4. It’s likely you follow a similar process each time a potential customer contacts you. Mapping out this process, then using software to automate it, can help you better understand your pipeline and ensure that leads are handled in a consistent, efficient manner. Each step in your sales process can have it’s own estimated timeline and related tasks, and you can define different sales processes for different types of services and/or locations. Here’s an example of what a sales process for general pest control could look like:

    1. Qualify lead (speak to them to confirm their interest, budget, etc.)
    2. Schedule sales appointment/estimate (if you typically go on-site to give pricing)
    3. Complete sales appointment/estimate
    4. Send proposal
    5. Collect signature
    6. Close lead and schedule service

  5. Identify Potential Problems, Before They Cost You
  6. No business is perfect. Odds are that your employees occasionally make mistakes and sometimes leads “slip through the cracks.” They key is to be aware of these situations and act quickly, before you end up unnecessarily losing valuable leads. With a lead management system, you can set alerts so that your are notified at certain milestones, for example, when a task associated with a lead becomes past due.

  7. Understand and Correct Bottlenecks
  8. A good lead management system will help you to easily understand where all of your leads are in the sales process at any given time. In addition to helping with planning, this visual view of your lead statuses can highlight any stage in your sales process has the most “stuck” leads so you can make adjustments. Are 60% of your leads sitting in an “Agreement Out? You may want to add a reminder task for your salespeople to follow up with the customer after 24 hours of sending out the agreement.

  9. Analyze
  10. The best way to close more leads is to understand what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. By understanding key performance indicators (KPIs) like average sales value, close rate percentage by salesperson, service type and other criteria, and average time to close, you can create benchmarks, identify areas for improvement and continually optimize your sales process. This feedback and optimization loop will help you turn every (or almost every) lead into a paying customer.

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