Enhance Customer Loyalty Using Social Media

Did you know you could IMPROVE customer loyalty with social media? Yes, it’s really that simple.

Customers want to know after they’ve already purchased from you, that they are indeed still just as important as potential customers. It’s important to remember that when posting to your social media account, you aren’t only posting content that would seem appealing to your potential customers, but that you keep your current customers informed, and let past customers know what they are missing.

Whether it’s a blog post or a new feature - it’s important to share HOW that will affect their overall business.

Social media is the perfect way to build more meaningful connections with your customers, so they stay with you even longer. Here are some suggestions:

Listen to Your Customers

Utilize your accounts to hear what your current customers have to say. Are they constantly complaining or praising your business? Address any concerns, and resolve and issues - and thank them for compliments! Also, remember that ‘All Reviews Are Good Reviews’ and see our eBook on this very topic HERE.

Create a Concrete Engagement Plan

You can create a social media content calendar that allows you to plan out your month in advance (as best as possible), and we suggest using a social media management tool such as Sprout Social to schedule your posts. Make sure you have an even split of 50/50 to satisfy your followers. On a monthly basis, you should be sharing updates that are appealing to current customers such as company news, feature updates, special promo’s, etc. To engage with potential customers, you should share company highlights about your product and/or business, how it will help them and why they should be interested.

Embrace Brand Advocates

In every company, you have ‘raving fans,’ embrace them and excite them. If they are willing to be an advocate for you outside of your normal lines of communication and tell the world how great your business is - allow them too. Recommendations and word of mouth are the best compliment a client can pay you!

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