The Power of Mobile Apps [Especially Native Ones]

What is a native app and is it better than a web-based one? Simply, a native app speaks the language and culture of the mobile platform which it runs on. It’s completely compatible with the mobile device’s own hardware and is designed to use many of the features inherent and native to the mobile device.

This means that a native app can use the device’s own camera, swype, sensors and other operating features even when the device is offline. In the example of PestPac Mobile, the native app enables technicians to access data, take photos, store information locally, print invoices and capture payment in the field even when they’re offline. This is beneficial for technicians that will have extended periods offline and for large commercial inspections.

By comparison, web-based apps are accessed through a mobile web-browser and have limited access to some of the features on a mobile device. They’re designed to respond and display content on each device and are not built to use the hardware inherent in each mobile device.

Hence, once you’ve accessed the web-based app, in many cases the features and functionality may look and feel the same. All the benefits of going paperless, reducing duplication of data entry, capturing information on-site are all accessible through the web-based app. The difference between the two comes down to speed and offline functionality. A web-based app is only accessible when the device is online.

So, it sounds like a native app is better, right? Well, it’s all about user experience. Native apps can be accessed by launching the app from the main screen on your mobile device which is just one tap and you’re in! It’s quick and easy to access. Instead of adapting the product to display and work on your device, it’s been built to optimize performance specifically for your device. Essentially, both web-based apps and native apps have been developed to make content universally accessible from your mobile device. It’s about the speed of the information and the functionality while being offline that makes the native app outshine the web-based app.

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