Tips on How to Leverage National Pest Management Month

It’s finally spring! This season helps many of us emerge with a fresh commitment to clean up clutter accumulated over the winter months. We often think of spring cleaning as a way to get the house and get our gardens in top shape, but more importantly a good spring cleaning is about protecting your health, food and property from the dangers and spread of diseases from pests. Proactive pest control is an often neglected area.

That’s why more than thirty years ago, the National Pest Management Association designated April as National Pest Management Month. It’s the perfect time to get out and educate your customers on why proactive pest control is important to protect your community’s health, stop the spread of diseases, and avoid costly, inconvenient property damage.

Below are our tips to help you leverage National Pest Management Month as an opportunity to communicate the value of your services to customers and potential customers.

Blog About It

Your blog is the perfect place to provide customers and prospects with helpful tips that demonstrate your expertise, while adding pest control ‘SEO juice’ to your website. In honor of National Pest Management Month, inform customers of chores they can incorporate into their spring cleaning routine to help keep their home pest free, such as:

  • Seal any cracks in the exterior of their home, especially around doors and pipes.
  • Keep tree branches, shrubs and other plants trimmed and away from the property.
  • Remove debris in and around gutters.
  • Repair any weathered or rotting loose mortar around windows and foundation.
  • Repair loose roof shingles, as well as window and door screens.
  • Thoroughly clean out kitchen cupboards to remove crumbs and food traces.
  • Eliminate standing water and repair any leaky pipes or fixtures.

And of course, the last tip should be to call the expert, YOU, for year-round help with pest prevention. With that, maybe even offer a coupon or run a promotion tied to National Pest Management Month.

Leverage Social Media

Social media is another platform you can use to bring awareness to National Pest Management Month and help you stand out as a thought leader in your industry. While you probably always share your blog posts on social, you can get more “bang” from your post by building excitement around the topic throughout the month.

Maybe you post one tip each week, using a free tool like Canva to make your posts stand out? Another idea is to host live “Ask the Pest Expert” sessions in honor of National Pest Management Month, either through a live video feed on Facebook or by live tweeting answers to pest questions submitted during a designated time. If you’re just getting started with social media, check out our eBook (Social Media Playbook) for more tips.

Start an Email Drip Campaign

As you know, email can help you stay engaged with customers and nurture undecided prospects. You can use National Pest Management Month as an opportunity to create a series of emails, or a drip, to educate your audience about your business, the services you provide and, again, offer tips or other valuable information.

If you have a tool that is built-in to your pest control software, like PestPac Marketing Automation, you can even use account details to make your emails more targeted based on the type of property, service history, and other pertinent information.

Offer a Discount

We touched on this earlier, but offering a promotional discount is always a great way to bring in new customers or cross-sell complementary services to existing customers. You can use a promotion as the “hook” to accompany any of the above ideas, keeping in mind that this month is all about educating your customers and avoiding being too “salesy”.

Whichever way you go about celebrating National Pest Management Month, don’t miss this opportunity to educate customers and prospects about the valuable services you provide and establish yourself as an expert in their minds.

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