Can Mobile Solutions Drive Productivity?

10 Things to Consider

The consequences of not staying up to date with mobile technology range from wasting time to losing customers and going out of business. Sounds harsh, but mobile has changed our expectations as customers and how we do business. People worldwide are on their mobile devices at all hours of the day/night. In our technology-driven world, the iPhone/Android mobile device is much more than a phone. It’s an extension of your technician and your brand. Here are some useful considerations on how mobile can drive productivity in your business.

1. Millennials as customers

They’ll use their phones to find you online, so you better have a website optimized for mobile. Millennials are interested in the experience of interacting with your business and they generally want it personal and fast. A text message confirmation of appointment is their preferred communication.

2. Millennials as employees

Though money is important, Millennials are also motivated by your company’s vision, your culture and working environment. Using mobile solutions is natural, easy and brings new employees on board faster. They can also help your seasoned technicians navigate mobile, forming faster bonds that help share knowledge.

3. Texting

Customers love the low-effort ease of text confirmation for appointment reminders. Research indicates it takes the average person 90 minutes to respond to a phone call, but only 90 seconds to respond to a text message. Technicians with mobile can text clients on their way to a job to reduce wasted time waiting around. Texting updates in real-time when there’s a delay or change of plan respects everyone’s time and improves both efficiency and morale.

4. GPS Location

Using GPS plus mobile you can pinpoint the location of every technician on their way to a job, in real-time. It’s not just monitoring your fleet or individual technicians, it’s about gaining visibility into actual routes taken to optimize your scheduling. If there’s a problem or scheduling change, decisions can be made faster to minimize disruption and still get through every job on the schedule. Plus driving directions direct to mobile means no more wrong turns or quick detours away from the job.

5. Field Data Synchronization

Mobile helps capture job service details faster and easier. Using the built-in camera each technician can photo document a service or inspection work. Data is quickly submitted and can be shared instantly via cloud-based solutions. Mobile eliminates double entry of data and burdensome, time-consuming office work trying to decipher poor handwriting or inconsistent terminology. Technicians can also time-in and time-out using mobile.

6. Reporting

It’s no longer an admin task in the office. With a few clicks, technicians can generate reports and email customers from their mobile. Get faster reconciliation when your technician automates an invoice from work completed on the job - before the van pulls away.

7. Mobile alerts

Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that feed data wirelessly on bait traps can trigger an alert direct to mobile so your technician can decide immediately if action is required.

8. Word of mouth

A personal recommendation for your business now means getting up to date with mobile solutions. You often provide recommendations via text or email or social media. Though most people still prefer to call when they need a quote or service, they search for businesses like yours from their mobile device. Your website must be optimized for mobile, with features like click-to-call. and your social pages and online business reviews should be kept up to date.

9. Smarter and faster

Mobile solutions no doubt improve performance and credibility with customers. A technician who shows up at the right address and at the right time, with the tools and equipment to get the job done is the minimum a customer wants for a pest control issue. Mobile gives technicians unprecedented information at the touch of a finger to customer details, extensive service history notes and account information, so there’s no excuse not to be prepared.

10. Universal

Mobile use is widespread, affordable and accessible worldwide. You can add seasonal employees and with the adoption of mobile they’ll have everything they need in the palm of their hand to represent your business with confidence.

At the end of the day, mobile solutions can help propel your business forward, and elevate your customer experience. It’s how you use mobile solutions that will empower your business and your pest management professionals. Our use of mobile is only set to increase. Using mobile solutions for your pest control business you do gain more control, more monitoring of your assets and more insight into what is actually going on in your daily operation. Perhaps you could use mobile to squeeze in an extra appointment or get your working day completed faster. It’s an investment in operational efficiency and customer service.

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