Why Your Brand is Valuable

Invest in it Wisely and Reap the Benefits

As a business owner, you probably hear a lot about how to handle your brand: uncovering its personality, leveraging it, increasing its recognition and other oft-repeated phrases. With so much information to sift through and plenty of other important tasks you need to focus on—like servicing customers—taking care of your brand can fall short on your priority list.

But whether you’re a smaller outfit with limited staff and budget or a company with greater promotional resources, your brand is important! Representing it professionally in person and across all forms of media is one of the best ways to create a desirable impression with customers and prospects.

Here are some proven strategies for success:

Field Service Online Marketing—Focus on What Matters!

These days, building a website and simply going live isn’t enough! To be effective, your website must be responsive, mobile optimized and ranked. Remember to check periodically that you appear in local searches, as customers will be using Google, Facebook, Bing, Angie’s List and others to find top providers in their area. And we know it sounds obvious, but we’ll say it anyway: Make sure your phone number appears prominently on your home page and throughout your website! When unwanted guests invade, a customer’s first priority will be to immediately talk with someone who can help. Don’t make them search to find out how to get in touch.

Portal to a Professional Dimension

Along with great websites, customer portals make communication between you and your customers easy and promote a professional impression of your company. Well-executed portals allow clients to view account information, set up appointments, upgrade services, pay invoices and much more. People appreciate the 24/7 conveniences this offers, along with feeling like you value them. You and your employees will love how a portal integrates with your management software, adding greatly to the efficiency of your workflow.

Communication Bugs—Combat Them, as Well!

Missed/late appointments, cancellations, and unreturned calls—these miscommunications will erode your brand quickly and irreversibly. But with a smart, scalable software solution, much fewer details slip through the cracks. You’ll have the power to manage everything from customer communications to tech schedules to route optimization and more. A company that shows up when they say they will has an instant professional leg up on competitors who don’t.

A Picture—or Video—is Worth a Thousand Words

No doubt customers value your services, but they don’t always want to be there when you perform it. With much success, top industry professionals are using video technology to stay connected with customers they don’t see in person. A tech performs service on a home or business and video records details like source of activity, treated areas, etc. Photos, videos and a friendly professional greeting are uploaded for the customer to view through a link or in the portal at their convenience.

Representing your brand professionally doesn’t have to be a hassle and it is worth it. In the end, the investment is almost guaranteed to pay you back in the form of increased revenue, customer retention, referrals and new business.

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