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Avenida Bento Gonçalves
22 B - 2910-431 Setúbal

TRACKiT Consulting was born from the desire to fill a void in the Portuguese market, in the development of a tool tailored to the client and designed for the client.

In the Fleet Management area, we are present in different markets such as Control, Temperature, Performance, Security, Embedded Computing, among others. With an in-house development team, we have the ability to create tailored services, depending on the needs of our client.

In 2018 we integrated the Italian group Viasat in a combination of synergies that we consider to have been a determining factor for the company’s growth.

With the knowledge of the Italian business group in the area of private consumption, TRACKiT Consulting decided to invest in this new business model with connected, protection and safety solutions for cars, motorcycles, bicycles and objects.

TRACKiT Consulting now has services for companies and individuals.

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Fleet Management

Our solution allows you to control and monitor your fleet 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. From GPS Locators for vehicles, ECODRIVE and Digital Tachographs, you can monitor your fleets performance and whereabouts at all times. Our Cold Solution is essential when transporting perishables, medicines and live animals.


Gaining control of your fleet will boost your business. Moving away from manual control leaves less room for error, allowing you to project in time the delineation of the amount of possible deals, giving you a competitive advantage over the competition.


TRACKiT Consulting has an experienced team in your area. All departments are guided by years of experience, and are fully capable of facing any challenge. We have a resident team of programmers who work solely and exclusively on new features in the fleet management tools as well as the integration of new components and hardware.


A partner of excellence that has allowed us to complement our route management and optimization services in a long-standing partnership with great results"

- Paulo Fournier, TRACKiT Consulting CEO

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