Via Carmignanese 153/E-3
59016 Poggio a Caiano
Prato, Toscana

T.C.E. specializes in the assistance, analysis and construction of complex software. Operating directly in the field, we provide consulting services to support companies in order to optimize production and workflows.

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Client Experience

We have successful working relationships with medium to large sized companies who need to manage a very large number of variables and operating cases.

Seasoned Teams

The team is composed of people who have been working in the information field for complete business management software (ERP) for over 25 years across waste management, production and service companies.

Constraint Analysis

Using our experience, we will analyze together with the customer, all the constraints related to their business, and we will then configure them into their system. The result can be seen when planners are happy after realizing the power of RouteManager.


T.C.E.'s vision is to help companies be more efficient, spend less, and improve quality of Service, being more competitive in their market segment.

T.C.E. has a multi-year experience in supporting complex IT processes and can support the management, the implementation, and support of projects. T.C.E has a specific skill in the waste collection vertical and is one reliable WorkWave partner for Italian customers. "

- David Minneci Owner T.C.E.

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