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Hitachi Tower, Bloc B. 7th Floor
Sin el Fil, Lebanon

Syncwise Professional Solutions is a leading provider of Technology Services in Enterprise Mobility and in the Middle East and offers best-in-class solutions in Direct Store Delivery, Inventory Management, Field Service, Mobile Device Management, Route Optimization and Proof of Delivery.

We integrate our core competencies of Automated Data Capture, Mobile Computing, and Wireless Solutions with our industry systems expertise to lay the foundation for a successful project implementation.

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Areas of Expertise

Syncwise is here to help you build your Enterprise Mobility Strategy “Wisely". We have expertise in many areas including Route Accounting, Warehouse Management, Field Service Management, Route Optimization, Merchandising, Proof of Delivery, Mobile Device Management, and Wireless Solutions.

Enterprise Products

Syncwise offers the expertise that gives a major boost to an organization’s assets, people and transactions, empowering administrations to reveal their real business value. Solutions include handheld devices, vehicle mounted devices, printers, tablets, RFID, and wireless networks.

Best in Class

Proud of the decades of experience that our team brings in the mobility business, solid steps lead us to deliver excellence to our customers and partners. Partners include WorkWave, Zebra, Handheld, Honeywell, Samsung, SOTI, and Cilico.


Our biggest asset is our team, always self-motivated and ready to step up to every challenge. Committed to delivering futuristic and state-of-the-art solutions, we partner with our clients to emerge with a tailor-made solution that boosts their business."

- Claire Aoun, Managing Director, Syncwise

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