Profit Rhino,
Powered by Callahan Roach

320 N Jensen Rd, Suite 4D
Vestal, NY 13850
United States

Profit Rhino, powered by Callahan Roach, brings 30 years of experience to their expertly managed price books designed for the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical industries.

Working closely with WorkWave, Profit Rhino created a price book integration that works seamlessly within the ServMan software. This integration grants access to all of Profit Rhino’s price book features within ServMan, including HD images, diagrams, accurate parts costs, and labor times.

WorkWave Products Supported



Accurate, Profitable Pricing

With 30 years of pricing experience, Profit Rhino’s price book data brings accurate flat rate pricing to your business. Parts prices rise an average of 4% every year! Profit Rhino’s team of experts updates your pricing quarterly, ensuring you never fall behind.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Studies show that 92% of homeowners prefer flat rate pricing. You can give your customers the pricing experience they want and avoid the headaches and disgruntled reviews that come with time-and-material pricing. Your techs will appreciate it too!

Significant Time Savings

Profit Rhino’s price books come prebuilt and include HD product images, diagrams, and detailed repair descriptions. Save hundreds of hours building and maintaining your own price book and let Profit Rhino use their expertise to keep your pricing profitable and up-to-date.


We struggled for many years with many of the [other] flat rate books out there being too confusing and not very accurate. Profit Rhino has been a great partner in helping us to achieve a better average ticket and they are constantly improving on the content within the [price book]."

- Jason B. Customer, Sept. 2018

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