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Based on the core values ​​(Customer-oriented, Quality-oriented, Result-oriented and Reliable), Eqeep sells Licenses, Consult & Advises and support nationally and internationally operating companies. Eqeep provides business software for operational, support and strategic purposes. The software offered by Eqeep enables your organization to work in an orderly and efficient manner.

The professionals of Eqeep Consulting help clients Implement, Optimize and Manage the IFS and WorkWave Business Software. We specialize in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Service Management with an emphasis on IFS Applications, IFS Field Service Management, and WorkWave Route Management.

WorkWave Products Sold

Route Manager ServMan



Whether in Consultancy or Staffing, our goal is to continuously adjust and improve our added value for our customers, clients, contractors and suppliers, leading to a high appreciation for our services and profitable growth of our organization.


The change of products, services and processes is succeeding one another at a rapid pace and if one wants to respond decisively to this, policy-making and execution will be essential. Eqeep helps companies with these processes, policy-making and implementation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Eqeep does business in a socially responsible and involved manner. We consciously focus our activities on adding value to people, planet and profit. We always look for a careful balance in this.


Eqeep stands for Enable, Quality, Empower, Execute and People. We are the customer-oriented, quality-oriented, result-oriented and reliable partner for the effective organisation of IT business processes."

- Harm van Echteld, Eqeep's Chief Executive Officer

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