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Eqeep is a platinum service partner of IFS and has received numerous awards over the years, recognizing its customer and value-driven approach in enabling business growth through digital transformation. With customers and experts across a diverse set of industries, Eqeep provides Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Asset Management and Field Service Management solutions that are flexible yet provide industry-specific functionality, ensuring companies will achieve their business goals.

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Business Value

Whether in Consultancy or Staffing, our goal is to continuously adjust and improve our added value for our customers, clients, contractors and suppliers, leading to a high appreciation for our services and profitable growth of our organization.

Technology & People

The change of products, services and processes is succeeding one another at a rapid pace and if one wants to respond decisively to this, policy-making and execution will be essential. Eqeep helps companies with these processes, policy-making and implementation.

Managed Services

Eqeep does business in a socially responsible and involved manner. We consciously focus our activities on adding value to people, planet and profit. We always look for a careful balance in this.


The employees of Eqeep showed enormous dedication to achieve a successful implementation. The requests of Optronica were fulfilled in short periods of time, not only during the implementation, but certainly also after go-live. You could feel the joy and pride they have in delivering a quality system.”

- CEO, Optronica

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