Carlau Consulting

Carlau Consulting offers consulting services (operational, financial, business intelligence, and procurement) to SME businesses throughout the UK and overseas.

Carlau Consulting is proud to supply and support WorkWave ServMan software. We have been working with ServMan’s specialized service industry products for a number of years and are excited to extend this relationship by being appointed Cube Six's exclusive dealer and support partner for the UK.

WorkWave Products Supported



Increasing Business Value

Carlau Consulting believes in increasing the value for our clients’ businesses, and at the heart of our value added solution is WorkWave ServMan. Taking a business from the embryonic stage through the need for bigger and better things can only be achieved with the aid of a fully integrated ERP system.

Innovate to Grow

Service-led businesses tend to be excellent at keeping up with advancements in their particular industries but may be less familiar with available systems. Your systems should not restrict the ambitions you have for your business. Instead, use innovation and technology to help you concentrate on building your business.

Experienced in Business

The team at Carlau Consulting is unique in that we have all been involved in successful businesses and know what it takes to succeed in the service sector. We use this wealth of experience to advise our clients in building and growing robust, profitable service-led businesses.


We have worked with the Team at Carlau Consulting for a number of years now and their positive influence on the business has helped us develop and grow. Their innovative solutions both software and process wise have been a game changer."

- Sean Hawke, Business Analyst at SCC

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