TechNews - Corner Office Interview with Marathon CEO, Chris Sullens

What interested you most about Marathon Data when you came on as CFO in 2008?

When Concentric Equity Partners, a private equity firm that had just taken a majority interest in Marathon, introduced me to the founder in late 2007 I saw a very unique business that had both great stability and enormous growth potential. At that time, Marathon was a leading provider of software to the pest control industry and had been in that market for more than 20 years. It had a loyal customer base, a stable financial profile and a team of great employees. As a marketing executive with ServiceMaster, a leader in the field service space, I spent a number of years “on the other side of the table” as a user of field service software. I felt the pain and saw the impact that good (and bad) software could have on service businesses. What I saw in Marathon was an opportunity to partner with the founder; taking the knowledge I’d gained from my time at ServiceMaster and apply it to Marathon’s business and software applications in a way that could be transformational for Marathon’s clients and the field service industry at large.

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