Marathon Data Systems to Host 24 Hour Hackathon to Benefit Local Businesses Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Event will take place on April 27, 2013 at CoWerks in Asbury Park, NJ

WALL, N.J., April 18, 2013 --  On April 27, 2013 up to 50 local NJ programmers will gather in the CoWerks Facility in Asbury Park for the Jersey Shore Come Back-A-Thon, a 24 Hour Hackathon hosted by Marathon Data Systems. Hackathons, events in which teams of programmers code for multiple hours straight to create an application, are frequently responsible for the generation of interesting and usable software.  With this in mind, Marathon Data Systems hopes to bring together a variety of talented individuals with the goal of creating an application that will aid the local Jersey Shore businesses as they prepare for their first summer post Super Storm Sandy. "I'm really excited to bring together a set of really smart engineers who will be focused on doing something great for the local business community" said Chris Sullens, CEO of Marathon Data Systems.  While participants are encouraged to brainstorm and generate their own ideas, an app that alerts visitors and residents of which businesses open again may be an example of an application that can be generated at the event.  Marathon's Vice President of Engineering, Eric Farr who has been involved with the creation and planning of the event noted, "One of the coolest aspects of an event like this is to see people's creativity in action. There are so many technologies available, the Web, social networks, mobile apps, and more.  I can't wait to see how our hackers apply their favorite tools to help the shore community continue to recover."

The event will award the winning team with a $1,000 prize, and offer $600 of additional prizes to other participating teams.  With the event, Marathon Data Systems is excited to not only aid in Jersey Shore Restoration but also to help build and support the Jersey Shore Tech Community. Having sponsored Hackathons in the other areas such as HACKTCNJ in Ewing Township, Marathon Data Systems is looking forward to becoming a more active participant in the growing tech community that exists on the Jersey Shore. "As a fast growing tech company, we're always looking for smart, talented team members.  Our Jersey Shore Come Back-A-Thonis a great way to let local talent learn a little bit more about Marathon and what we do, while allowing us to give back to a local community that has been very good to us and our employees." Sullens said.

Those interested in finding out more information or registering for free can visit this link

Marathon Data Systems

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