Viamente Stays Ahead of the Curve with New Route Optimization Features

Marathon Data Systems' Viamente Division Further Enhances Their Proprietary Route Optimization Solution by Adding New Features and Improving Usability

WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J., April 25, 2013 -- Viamente, a leading provider of cloud based technology for Vehicle Routing Optimization, develops products with one goal in mind; providing simple solutions to complex routing and scheduling problems. Over the years, they have continued to generate new features to accomplish this goal and align their solutions with customers' real-world challenges. Some notable features with the most recent release include traffic profiles, driver fixed and time-based costs, and maximum number of working hours.

High traffic zones can pose a major challenge for delivery, field service and other companies who rely on drivers to make multiple stops per day, on-time and efficiently. Sitting in traffic not only wastes fuel but can throw off an entire day's schedule for companies in these industries. Viamente recognizes the need to incorporate traffic conditions into route planning and has started to create solutions, initially with the Traffic Profiles feature. This feature allows customers to take traffic into account while planning routes, and it is just the beginning to what Viamente has planned for traffic integration.

The latest release also features a tool that allows users to monitor fixed and hourly costs per driver/vehicle, a highly requested feature from the Viamente user base. Using this tool, Viamente customers can minimize each driver's total working costs, a key consideration in managing expenses and maximizing profitability. In addition, Viamente Route Planner uses its proprietary algorithm to choose the correct driver for a particular service and now allows customers to define a maximum number of working hours per driver, which improves the accuracy of planning routes based on these provisions.

Antonio Perini, the GM of Viamente notes, "These enhancements are just a small step in the marathon we plan to run alongside our customers. We realize that our customers and their industries are constantly evolving, and we strive to evolve with them. We spend day and night discovering what our customers need and how we can design Viamente Route Planner to meet those needs. In addition to the notable features outlined above, we have also created a new layout that is visually appealing and easy to navigate. We improved usability by adding a 'My Fleet' tab that has a new page dedicated to defining drivers, a new 'Deploy' button which allows you to directly download route links and GPS files, and the option to alter your visualization layers, letting you hide or show various routes, your traffic profiles, or driver regions."

Chris Sullens, Marathon Data Systems CEO adds, "This is a great example of how Marathon continues to invest aggressively to make Viamente Route Planner, its API and the underlying algorithm fast, powerful and intuitive enough to be used by small and large companies alike."

Stay tuned for more enhancements from Viamente, including a new feature that allows users to plan their entire month in minutes.

About Viamente

Viamente is a division of Marathon Data Systems that develops and markets worldwide innovative cloud based technology for Vehicle Routing Optimization, designed to help Fleet Managers in the Transport industry and Team Managers in the Field Service industry make better routing decisions. Feeding a full set of proprietary algorithms with accurate and up-to-date digital map data, Viamente calculates the optimized Route Plans for the user's Vehicles and suggests the smartest Assignments, Scheduled Stop Sequences and Turn-by-Turn Driving Directions that minimize the overall Operating Expenditures while maximizing the Service Level and complying with all the Logistic Constraints. Viamente was acquired by Marathon Data Systems in August of 2012.

About Marathon Data Systems

Voted as one of America's fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine and one of the best places to work in New Jersey for the past three years, Marathon Data Systems provides a suite of SaaS software products and services designed to mitigate the key pain points that field service companies face in their day to day operations, including finding customers and converting leads, routing and technician management, collecting payment and managing the back-office. Marathon Data Systems also offers a suite of Lead Generation solutions designed for service businesses. For more information please visit

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