Customer Surveys

Gain Valuable Feedback to Improve Your Business and Gain More Leads

Customer survey management software

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Customer Surveys Are
Invaluable to Your Business

They can provide you with feedback on what areas of your business require improvement and whether your standards are in-line with the service you provide to your customers. WorkWave provides your business with the tools needed to conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys, allowing your organization to respond to any issues and improve customer loyalty; which will only help improve your company’s revenue stream.

Understand Your Customer’s Perspective and Stay Ahead of the Competition

Send automated surveys after a service is complete, or any time you need insight into how your customers view your company. Use the feedback to improve your business, maintain customer satisfaction, and retain customers.

WorkWave Marketing Customer Surveys Features

Automatically send a survey once services are complete

Make it easy for your customer by encouraging responses from any device

Receive instant notification of negative feedback

Measure customer ratings by branch, technician, and service

Use NPS scores to measure customer loyalty and the likelihood of new and repeat business

Analyze results to track trends and forecast growth

Customer survey results dashboard

Identify and manage unhappy customers that are at risk of going to a competitor

Gain insight into employee performance and identify those who are in need of additional training and guidance

Determine your strengths and weaknesses - see which services are exceeding customer expectations, and which are falling short

Customer survey templates

Create multiple templates for easy use and consistency

Schedule or conduct surveys based on business needs

Create segmented lists to ensure you survey the right customers

Create surveys that pinpoint win-loss reasons

Track customers that have left, identify the reasons why, and use that feedback to improve future plans

Learn and continue doing what customers like best

Identify and address customer concerns

Improve your channels of communication based on where customers hear about you

Give your customers a voice as you develop new services

Provide a forum for customers to share how they feel about your price/value

Gain competitive insight on your strengths and weaknesses — as perceived by your customers

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