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Manage Your Online Reputation and Improve Service Levels

Take control of your online reputation, generate more leads and delight your customers with our automated, easy-to-use customer experience management tools.

Business Reviews

Get More 5-Star Reviews on Your Website and External Review Sites

Customer reviews are today’s “word of mouth” and a critical component of online marketing. WorkWave® Business Reviews gives you an easy, automated way to collect and share reviews from your customers. Reviews are posted to your website and your free microsite, increasing lead conversion and ensuring a higher return on your marketing dollars. Business Reviews can also help you get more positive customer feedback on influential review sites, like Facebook and Google, by automatically prompting happy customers to post a review on these sites.

Adding Business Reviews to your website improves:

Lead Conversion

Potential customers visiting your website may not feel ready to call or fill out a contact form. Showcasing positive customer reviews on your site gives these visitors the confidence they need to contact you for more information.

Search Engine Ranking

Search engines understand that consumers are looking for customer reviews when searching for local businesses and reward websites that provide customer reviews with higher rankings.

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"92% of consumers read reviews to determine the quality of a local business."

- BrightLocal 2015 Local Consumer Review Survey

"68% of consumers are more likely to call a local service provider after reading positive reviews."

- Google/WorkWave 2015 Local Consumer Review Survey

WorkWave Testimonial

I love how easy it was to get started with WorkWave Reviews. We completed the paperwork on a Friday afternoon and got two dozen 5-star reviews over our first weekend."

- David Maddox, Tuxedo Mosquito

How many 4-5 star ratings would your business generate?

Business Reviews users receive an average response rate of 10% and their average customer rating is 4.8.

Service Reports

Outshine Your Competition by Offering the Best Customer Experience

In today’s crowded marketplace, you want to stand out from your competitors. For a service business, offering an unparalleled customer experience is the best way to defeat the competition. WorkWave Service Reports helps you take control of your business’s performance through automated feedback emails that provide a quick and easy way for your customers to rate their service visit and technician.

Service Reports give you:

A Steady Flow of Actionable Feedback for Internal Use

Generate more customer feedback that you can use to improve your service by proactively asking for it.

Technician Leaderboards

Always know your top and bottom performers and incentivize your technicians based on their actual performance.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Reporting

Get an aggregate view of how your business is doing and specifically identify your promoters and detractors.

Full Integration with PestPac and WorkWave Service

Your customer will receive an emailed service report request automatically each time a work order is closed, or based on whatever frequency you choose.

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WorkWave Testimonial

Service Reports has helped us gain insight we didn't previously have into our top and bottom performing technicians and services. In the short time we've been using this product we've also been able to identify and save a customer who may have otherwise cancelled."

-Jim Gibbons F&W Pest Control


Gain Powerful Insight into Customer’s and Prospects’ Opinions

Want to know why prospects aren’t choosing you or what types of services your customers are looking for? Ask them!

Poll your customers and prospects on any topic with WorkWave Surveys to gain valuable insight into the wants and needs of your target market. Using our simple templates, you create custom surveys to gather and analyze feedback, helping you make more informed business decisions. And since it is integrated with PestPac and WorkWave Service, there is no need to export and import lists.

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Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Not only are you automatically notified each time a customer provides feedback about your business, detailed reporting gives you valuable, actionable insights into how your business is performing. Trend reporting helps you understand what aspects of your business are improving over time and where you need to focus additional efforts. Leaderboards help you stack-rank employees so that you always know who your top performers are and who is in need of additional coaching.

Customers with multiple locations can compare technicians and services across locations, so you can identify -- and reward -- your top performing locations.

No Spam

All of our customer experience tools give you the power to set email frequency, ensuring that you aren’t contacting your customers and prospects more than they want or you need to.

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