Visibility on the Go with WorkWave: GPS Track

WorkWave’s GPS App is available for WorkWave GPS, WorkWave Route Manager, WorkWave Service and PestPac customers.

Managing a team of drivers who deliver or service different locations, at different times, and with different requests has its challenges. Accountability shouldn’t be one of them.

Rather than being left in the dark once your team is en route WorkWave: GPS Track creates complete transparency across your mobile fleet, giving you the confidence when on the go.

Now you can access live GPS tracking from the convenience of our easy to use mobile app. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Things happen all the time and it’s great to have this new layer of visibility into exactly where our drivers are at any moment. It’s become an invaluable part of our business.
- Ryan Walter, Co-Founder

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With access to a manager’s mobile app you can:

Manage your team from any device. You don’t need to be tied down to your desk to track. With WorkWave: GPS Track, you can access live tracking, driver/vehicle events, and view breadcrumb trail activity from your mobile device.

Be more efficient. Work how you need to with WorkWave: GPS Track. Whether you are on the road, on vacation, or taking lunch; you can confirm driver location and drill into important details.

Increase accountability. With 24/7 tracking, your team is aware that you maintain visibility on their whereabouts and can always check-in.

What does this mean for you? You can spend less time tracking down the details and finally have access to tracking when you are on the go.

Access your live tracking from an app!

Here’s what you can access via the mobile app:

  • Confirm live vehicle position
  • Access previous days tracking (up to 13 months)
  • View detailed breadcrumb trail activity
  • Vehicle on/off indicators
  • Choose between a map or list view
  • Filter vehicles for fast lookup
  • Notification area to visualize events (speeding, braking, etc.)
  • Driver behavior events

Tracking your team 24/7 is critical for any business with a private fleet. Rather than waiting until the morning to log into your WorkWave GPS account or rushing to the nearest computer, you can maintain visibility and quickly access your account through the mobile app.

If you’re a WorkWave GPS, WorkWave Route Manager, WorkWave Service, or PestPac customer - you’ll have instant access. Just download the Android or iOS app to start tracking from your phone.

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