Our Trusted Fleet Maintenance Management System

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Keep Your Fleet Running Like a Well-Oiled Machine and Schedule Maintenance When Thresholds Are Met

It’s easy to overlook scheduling appointments, WorkWave® GPS takes the task of notifying you or any users with friendly reminders for both large and small fleets.

Receive alerts on tracked key mileage events for things like oil changes, timing-belt replacements or 15k mile check-ups and quickly make service appointments to keep your vehicles well maintained and safe for the road.

Vehicle Maintenance Reminders

Vehicle Maintenance Reminder

Predefine your mileage thresholds for each of your vehicles to increase the lifetime and minimize costly tune-ups that could be avoided. With automated reminders predefine your preferred mileage alerts and receive reminders at every marker.

Plan Service Time

Plan Around Service Time

When you are aware of upcoming services, you can plan around downtime and keep business running smoothly. Now you aren’t caught off guard, your employees can keep working and service is never disrupted.

Maintenance Alerts

Immediate Alerts via Email or Text

When vehicles are scattered or employees frequently change start/end locations, it’s hard to streamline communication. Simply set-up text or email alerts to anyone in your company for any vehicle. Drivers can receive alerts to schedule a service and vehicles can be maintained.


WorkWave GPS Gives You the Whole Picture

Review activity from the start of the day to the last stop, monitor driver behavior, set alerts and get the info you need to stay connected to your mobile workforce.

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