Can other people access my account?

No. You are given a unique login name and password to access your company’s information. Different tiers of access can also be granted depending on your company’s individual needs.

How many vehicles can I track at one time?

A lot. The number of vehicles you can track at once is unlimited. WorkWave® GPS can provide you with the service you want whether you have one tracking device or hundreds.
Depending on your computer and web browser you will probably not want to display more than 500 to 1,000 vehicles on the map at one time.

Can I track my vehicles anywhere?

Our GPS trackers communicate the GPS location data via cellular data networks. WorkWave GPS uses Verizon and T-Mobile networks. Below are the coverage maps for both Verizon and T-Mobile.

Verizon Coverage Map

WWGPS verizoncoveragemap 080615

T-Mobile Coverage Map

WWGPS tmobilecoveragemap 080615

Where should I place the GPS tracking device?

All GPS tracking devices require a clear path to satellite signals. We recommend placing your GPS tracker in an area of your car within view of a window. The GPS tracker will have poor reception if you are in an airplane, a metal building, underground or in some large parking structures.

Can vehicle tracking reduce our paperwork?

Absolutely! Vehicle tracking can dramatically reduce the amount of time your employee spends filling out paperwork. Our reports and scheduling system tracks mileage and appointments automatically for your drivers. You can service more customers, reduce expenses and increase customer service with WorkWave GPS.

Can I use WorkWave GPS™ for last minute scheduling updates?

Scheduling and rerouting is easy with WorkWave GPS! Now you will always know “who’s the closest” when you need to make a dispatching decision. WorkWave GPS will help you to assign jobs to the right person based on a variety of factors, including job priority, worker skill sets and transit time to the customer or between jobs.

How do I stop unauthorized driving?

Some vehicle tracking companies will tell you that an expensive, built-in system is tamper-proof and will catch unauthorized driving. The truth is that any vehicle tracking system can be disabled. Putting foil over the antenna or pulling the power from the unit are two of the most common techniques.

The only proven approach involves a little management effort:

  1. Write down the odometer reading and the date when you start tracking your vehicles. You will need to do this periodically.
  2. Make sure that your employees are tracking during business hours. Looking at the map and routes periodically during the week and calling employees to make sure they are tracking will get the job done. You don’t have to worry about making the tracker run during off hours, the odometer will tell you the story.
  3. When you next have access to the odometer run a report for that employee during the week and compare the mileage from the report to the mileage from the odometer. If there is a large discrepancy the driver has been turning off the tracker. Ask him to explain the mileage discrepancy.
  4. Record the new odometer reading and date and start the process again.

Continue this process diligently for two or three months. Once the employees realize that they cannot game the system they will stop the unauthorized driving.

How do I stop drivers from tampering with the GPS tracking devices?

There are a few different tactics depending on what’s going on.

  • Hide an extra device in the vehicle. If the device the driver knows about “doesn’t work” and the hidden device does you have a pretty good idea that something is going on.
  • If things just don’t seem to add up write down and match odometer readings to mileage reported by the tracker. This will help you figure out whether the device is being turned off or otherwise disabled.
  • Drive the same route yourself with the same device. See if there are reporting gaps due to lack of coverage, canyons, mountains, or other obstructions.

Technical Details

The WorkWave GPS tracker serves as a tracking device. The tracking device obtains location coordinates (fixes), speed, and course from GPS satellites. These coordinates are transmitted via a wireless phone network to our server when they are only a few seconds old. Users then view real-time location, speed and direction information on our online map.

This means that you will know where your people are, where they’ve been, when they arrive, when they depart and where they are heading. Furthermore, this information is stored and can be used to create reports that help you manage your people and respond quickly to customer inquiries and needs.

Our tracking system is an active system. This means that fixes are sent to our server when they are obtained. Passive systems collect data throughout the day. In a passive system the data must be taken from each vehicle at the end of each day or week by an employee and loaded into a computer.

Passive systems cannot tell you where your vehicles are right now so they cannot be used for short-notice dispatching. Because getting the data out of a passive system is a daily chore they are usually abandoned after a few weeks.


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