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Implement Electronic Logging Devices for Your Fleet

What is Electronic Logging Device (ELD) and What is its Purpose?

An ELD is a device that is used in commercial trucks to track hours of service (HOS). ELD technology automatically records a driver’s driving time and other aspects of their HOS records to allow for easier, more accurate HOS recordkeepin.

An ELD device monitors a vehicle’s engine to capture data on:

  • Whether the engine is running,
  • Whether the vehicle is moving,
  • Miles driven, and
  • Duration of engine operation in hours
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How ELDs Can Help Improve Your Business:

Stay FMCSA Compliant

Improve Driver Accountability

Increase Efficiency

Maintain Vehicles

Protect Your Business

Reduce Overtime

Lower Insurance Costs

24/7 Location Tracking

Automate Reporting

Why WorkWave GPS?

Trusted for Over 30 Years

Join thousands of Fleet Owners who are protecting their business with the most reliable and accurate GPS tracking solution for large and small fleets.

Flexible Solution

Choose a provider that puts your needs first. Pick the pricing package and GPS devices that work for your business; we’ll then work one-on-one with you to get you up and running.

Accurate Data

WorkWave reports a 99% uptime and provide you with 24/7 tracking so that you can feel confident in your data.

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Gain Visibility into Your Fleet

Combine Hours of Service (HOS) solutions with real-time GPS tracking to automatically gain more visibility into your fleet. In addition to meeting ELD compliance - you’ll track location activity, improve driver behavior and access reports.

See how you can go beyond the ELD mandate and track your vehicles.

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Improve Compliance and Safety

When you collect driver activity through WorkWave GPS devices and a dedicated mobile app for HoS, you take the guesswork out of reporting. Now you can submit records of driver status (RODS) reports digitally with confidence - and trust that your fleet is safe.

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Save Time and Money

Limit the need for tedious paperwork and see additional savings with reduced mileage, drive time and overtime with a reliable GPS tracking solution in place.

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