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There Are Many Direct and Indirect Costs to a Business as the Result of Poor Driver Performance

Driver Behavior from WorkWave® GPS enables you to improve the performance of your drivers to promote safety, ensure efficiency and reap cost savings for your business.

WorkWave GPS offers many features to help improve driver behavior and move towards the fast lane to success.

Driver Behavior

Event-Based Scoring & Alerts

Get real-time alerts and create driver awareness for violations such as harsh braking, excessive idling, cornering and acceleration. Customized scoring allows you to get in-depth knowledge of all your drivers in the field to help assess risk and proactively manage your fleet's driver behavior through predictive analysis.

WorkWave GPS Map

Birds-Eye View of When and Where Violations Occur

WorkWave GPS Driver Behavior not only provides you alerts and scorecards of violations, but gives you the insight on a map of where and when the violations occurred to help see patterns and access circumstances for a more human control element.

Geofence Alerts

Geofence and Motion Alerts

Have the ability to create a virtual perimeter around a specific location and notifications will be sent out when a vehicle enters or exits from that location. Motion alerts help identify unauthorized vehicle use outside of normal operating hours, keeping driver behavior focused on work.

Driver Safety

Increase Driver Safety

In-cab buzzers help drivers correct unsafe driving habits such as harsh braking, cornering, and acceleration. Working in tandem with scorecard reviews for desired scoring performance can help lead to a safer fleet, no matter if its large or small.

Driver Behavior Offers These Additional Benefits:

  • Reduce the number of driving-related incidents – customers have seen up to 70% reduction in aggressive driving incidents.
  • Save on fuel by reducing aggressive driving – save up to 30% in fuel costs
  • Reduce workers’ comp and car insurance – taking action to protect your drivers and assets can reduce your payments by over 4%

WorkWave GPS Gives You the Whole Picture

Review activity from the start of the day to the last stop, monitor driver behavior, set alerts and get the info you need to stay connected to your mobile workforce.

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