Welcome to the New WorkWave Blog

Welcome to the new WorkWave blog, we appreciate you stopping by! Every week we’ll post here about hot topics and industry trends.

This blog has been a long time coming. After 30+ years providing technology and marketing solutions to field service businesses like pest and lawn, and “last mile” providers such as home delivery, retail and e-commerce, we like to think we have some valuable information to share.

"Why now?", you may ask. Although we’ve been around for 32 years, it took us 25 years to get to the 40-employee mark and has taken us less than 6 to pass the 200-employee mark. With this tremendous growth has come added knowledge and expertise on topics that we know our audience is interested in. In this blog you’ll hear from a number of subject matter experts that consist of WorkWave employees as well as experts we have the pleasure of working with.

Our goal is to provide you with valuable information on trending topics relevant to you and your business. We won’t use this blog as a channel for sales information or updates on our products, but rather content that matters to you. Of course, where applicable, we’ll let you know how technology in general or our solutions can help your business.

To give you a sample of the information you can expect from us, I invite you to register for our free webinar that was specifically developed for lawn and landscape pros. Join us today, May 24th, 2016 at 2 pm ET, for How to Think Like a CFO, and learn how to get a grasp on your business’ finances.

More information and knowledge-sharing to help you manage and grow your business is coming. Look for thought leadership, webinars, eBooks and articles covering marketing techniques, employee retention, driver safety and more. Whether you are a WorkWave customer or just looking for industry or company updates, this blog is for you.

We hope you are just as excited about the new WorkWave blog as we are! Check back tomorrow to hear from Riccardo Bocci, our last-mile product manager on the latest trends in on-demand delivery in the U.S. and Europe.


Chris is the CEO and President of WorkWave. He is responsible for setting product strategy and the overall direction for the company. Since joining WorkWave in 2008, Chris has grown the business over 400%, transforming the company through heavy investment and 9 strategic acquisitions from a single market, single product company into a leading provider of cloud based solutions for the field service and last mile logistics industries. Prior to WorkWave, Chris held several senior executive roles at ServiceMaster, a leading provider of services for homes and businesses, including that of Corporate Vice President of Internet Marketing and Retail Initiatives.

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